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Each year the school celebrates its achievements and reflects on its policies, programs and practices.Our findings are reported to the school community via our Annual School Report and used to inform school planning for the following year. The Annual School Report for each year is published part way through the following year.

Rozelle Public School Annual School Report 2017.pdf

Rozelle Public School Annual School Report 2016.pdf


Rozelle Public School Annual School Report 2014.pdf

Rozelle Public School Annual School Report 2013.pdf





Our School Plan focuses on three key areas for improvement determined by the school in consultation with its community, to ensure a profound difference to the ongoing growth and development of the students at Rozelle Public School. The educational priorities of the school reflect the goals and learning needs of students, staff and parents. The School Plan is a working document that helps all members of our school community work strategically and systematically as part of a three year planning cycle. It does not necessarily record everything that happens or is valued in our school.

Rozelle School Plan 2018-2020 Rozelle School Plan 2018-2020


Our school has five School Development Days per year. On these days, staff and parents are in-serviced in seminar/workshop situations on new policy and curricula.   It is Department of Education and Communities policy that our school runs these days each year. The days are usually held on the first day of Terms 1, 2 and 3 and the last two days of Term 4.


To submit a suggestion to the P&C please click here .  To have your submission reviewed please ensure it is submitted 7 days before the P&C meeting.

At Rozelle we acknowledge the Gadigal people who are the traditional custodians of this land.

We also pay respect to the elders both past and present of the Eora Nation and extend that respect to other Aboriginals present.