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Newsletter Subscriptions

Welcome to Rozelle Public School's P&C newsletter subscription page. Please tick the boxes below to indicate which groups you would like to subscribe to. You may change your subscription choices at any time by simply logging into your account and altering your subscription preferences. We are hoping to reduce the amount of P&C communication you are receiving by using this system. This will ensure you only receive one copy of our communication emails, no matter how many children you have at the school, how many bands they are a part of, or how many different stages they are in. Please understand that this will be in a testing phase for the first three months, but we hope that by the end of the term we will be able to solely communicate with the school population through our newsletter system. At this point in time this will only be used for P&C and band program purposes. All school newsletters and bulletins will still be done separately, so please ensure that if you need to update your email address you do it both here and at the office.

To submit a suggestion to the P&C please click here .  To have your submission reviewed please ensure it is submitted 7 days before the P&C meeting.

At Rozelle we acknowledge the Gadigal people who are the traditional custodians of this land.

We also pay respect to the elders both past and present of the Eora Nation and extend that respect to other Aboriginals present.