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Music Program - Overview

The Rozelle Public School Music Program is an extra-curricular program coordinated by a committee that reports to the P&C. It includes the Strings program, the Ukulele program and the Rozelle School Band program.  The Music Committee includes the Deputy Principal, the Instrumental Music Program administrator, representatives from the Strings and Ukulele programs, our band conductor and parent volunteers.

Rozelle Public School Ukulele Program 2019 

What is the ukulele program?

The Rozelle Public School Ukulele Program offers extra-curricular ukulele classes to children from Year 1 onwards.

The children learn to play the ukulele and are encouraged to develop their singing voices. 

Classes are held five mornings a week to cater for the different skill levels and age groups.

The classes take place before school from 8.15 – 8.50 in C Block.

Children can be collected from OOSH once the relevant permission forms are completed.

Students should not be dropped at the classroom and left unattended prior to the commencement of the class.

Please advise if your child needs to be collected from OOSH.

In term 1, 2019, the beginner class will be held on Tuesday mornings.

How much does it cost?

The cost for term 1, 2019 is $200 based on 10 weeks of classes.

Classes commence in week two and run until the end of term.

Invoices will be issued prior to the start of term and payment is due by the end of the first week.



Students must have their own ukuleles and are encouraged to practice at home. We will provide each child with a music folder which should be brought to every class.

We suggest purchasing an entry level ukulele from a reputable music store such as Gladesville Guitar Factory or another specialist guitar shop.

We generally recommend the Mahalo soprano ukuleles which should cost about $35 to $50. They are durable and stay in tune. Please do not buy a toy ukulele as they are very hard to tune and will not last.

Parents are also provided with the link to our YouTube channel so that children can play along at home.  


How to join the ukulele program:

New students are accepted at the beginning of each term.

There can be a waiting list for entrance into the program so if you are interested in your child taking part please contact us to put your child's name down.

Children will be offered places as they become available.

Please include your child's full name, year and class in the email. 

Email address: ukuleleclasses@gmail.com

Holly Bury and Julia Limb

Rozelle String Program

The String program at Rozelle Public School offers both private lessons and group ensemble playing. 

Private lessons

Private lessons are held at the school in the morning, throughout the day and in the afternoon.

Emma Greenhill (Violin teacher) is currently undergoing her Bachelor of Music (composition) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. She is currently working as a violin teacher at Mosman Public School, Hunters Hill Public School and here as the string coordinator. Emma taught at All Arts Academy for two years where she received coaching from music teachers who have given her vital skills to teach students of all ages and levels. Emma’s immense passion for playing and writing music in a vast range of genres compliments a teaching style that is adaptable and receptive to every individual student. She has been teaching composition, violin and piano for over 4 years now, always aiming to make every lesson enjoyable and productive.

Email: emma_gr33nhill@hotmail.com Phone: 0432 931 228

Marc Valpiani (Cello teacher) is a multi-instrumentalist and graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of music. He plays the Cello, Saxophone, Guitar, Electric Bass, sings and also produces electronic music. He has a passion for teaching and performing and has experience teaching ensembles, children and adults as well as being an active performer in multiple ensembles

Email: marc.valpiani@gmail.com Phone: 0431 915 109

Ensemble program

The string ensemble program at Rozelle has both a senior and junior group, providing to all skill levels. Being in an ensemble develops teamwork skills and creates shared goals for your child. After approximately one term of learning with a private teacher, your child will be able to join the Junior String Ensemble, then potentially move into the Senior Ensemble when they get more advanced. Junior String Ensemble is run at 8am on a Friday, and Senior String Ensemble is held at 8am on a Wednesday.

Email: emma_gr33nhill@hotmail.com Phone: 0432 931 228

Rozelle School Band Program

Students from Years 3-6 are eligible to join.

Information about joining the Band Program, including fees, selecting an instrument, and instrument hire is provided to parents and carers of Year 2 students, usually in Term 3 or 4. Parents and carers are then asked to register their child’s interest and instrument preferences. The Band Committee endeavours to issue instruments in Term 1 of the following year.
There are several bands of incremental standard and each band has weekly rehearsals. Students in the program also have instrument lessons which are scheduled during school hours. Students start in the Training Band, which usually begins rehearsals in Term 2 or 3.

The bands perform regularly at school assemblies, the ‘Big Gig’ (twice a year) and at various external events.

Costs to participants include a joining fee (one-off), and fees each term for instrument hire (if required), band rehearsal, and instrument lessons.

The Band Program relies on the help of parent volunteersas it is funded primarily by participant fees and fundraising events.

See FAQsfor more information about the Band Program or the Rozelle_Band_Handbook_2015.docx Rozelle_Band_Handbook_2015.docx

Joining the Band

Students from Years 2-5 are invited to register their interest in joining the Band Program at the start of Term 4. To allow allocation of instruments and tutors, the cut off for enrolment is week 5 of Term 1.  Students who can play an instrument already (e.g. students transferring from other schools) may audition to join at other times of the year.  'Expression of Interest' forms are available from the office during Term 4.

There are several opportunities to find out about the Band Program and the instrument selection process before a student joins.

The band conductor and tutors review the completed forms and arrange for the students to meet with a tutor during school hours to try out the instruments. During this session, the tutor makes a recommendation of an instrument that will best suit the child. Tutors consider a number of factors, but for bigger instruments this commonly includes whether a child has long enough arms to reach down to certain notes.

Issue of instruments

The Band Committee endeavours to issue instruments in Term 1 of the following year. Students and parents are required to attend an Instrument Maintenance and Information evening, where students are issued with their instruments, shown how to look after them, receive their lesson books and band folders and get to meet their tutors.

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To submit a suggestion to the P&C please click here .  To have your submission reviewed please ensure it is submitted 7 days before the P&C meeting.

At Rozelle we acknowledge the Gadigal people who are the traditional custodians of this land.

We also pay respect to the elders both past and present of the Eora Nation and extend that respect to other Aboriginals present.