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Welcome to Rozelle School Payments Online

Online payments for school website

First and foremost - please ensure you make online payments at least 2 full working days before they are due to ensure the office staff have time to process your payment.  If you need to make a last minute payment - you MUST go into the office and make the payment directly!

  • When you click on “Make a payment” at the top of the page a popup window will appear.
  • The first field requests the student’s reference number – this is not Mandatory (although if you have received an invoice it will be indicated there)
  • Please ensure you do include the student’s name (if you are making a payment for multiple children just put the oldest child's name in here)
  • Please ensure you put the class name of the child you are making payment for. Again, if you are paying for multiple children you can just put in the class name of your oldest child.
  • The payment system is run through Westpac and it is a secure connection. This does not show in the URL box as it is a pop-up box so we wanted to ensure that this information was conveyed.
  • When you choose which item you are making a payment for you will be provided with a space to put a description of your payment. This information is sent through to the office staff, so they will be able to identify what you are trying to make payment for. In here please indicate the item your are paying for, the specific child the payment is for and their class name.  If for example you need to make payment for 2 children to go on a zoo excursion after you fill it out once for one child, click on "Add a payment" and fill it out again for the second child.  The more specific you can be in this information the more information the office staff have for ensuring the payment goes towards the correct expense.

Finally, if there is a permission form that goes along with the payment, you must still ensure the permission form is sent through to the school via your child or by dropping it in at the office.

To submit a suggestion to the P&C please click here .  To have your submission reviewed please ensure it is submitted 7 days before the P&C meeting.

At Rozelle we acknowledge the Gadigal people who are the traditional custodians of this land.

We also pay respect to the elders both past and present of the Eora Nation and extend that respect to other Aboriginals present.