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Classes for 2019

This year, to mark the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages, each class is named after an indigenous language. 

This year's classes are:


Arabana (Mon-Wed) Mrs Sandra Dorn-Steger

Yanyuwa (Thurs-Fri)- Sepfora Amanatiadis

Kindergarten Eora - Ms Jen Christie
  Gamilaraay- Ms Rebecca Campisi/ Mrs Sandra Dorn-Steger (Fri)
  Kaurna- Mrs Sandra Flegg

Kokomini- Mrs Carlie Punch (Mon - Tues) Mrs Alex Nicholls (Wed- Fri)

  Darug- Miss Mel Horton
  Year 1 Bundjalung- Miss Nicole Cattana (Mon- Wed) / Mrs Amy Horton (Thurs - Fri)
Kunwinjku- Miss Rhiannon Goode
  Elfman- Ms Claire Rolland
  Romani- Miss Chole Genion
 Year 2 Mandara - Mrs Kathryn Bevz
  Tiwi - Ms Amelia Roberts
  Tuvaluan- Ms Signe Agersnap (Mon- Thurs) Ms Bernadette Maloney (Fri)
  Zulu- Miss Caris Doyle
  Karelian- Mrs Desiree Ronson
 Year 3 Gundangara - Miss Courtney Hansen
Awabakal - Miss Emily Parsons
  Yolngu- Ms Alison Taylor (Mon- Thurs)/ Ms Lisa Tohver (Friday)
 Year 3/4 Gaelic- Mr Danny O'Donnell
 Year 4 Mohawk- Miss Christina Devitt
  Miyako- Mr Alden Kwok
  Dalmatian - Mr Dan Hoadley
Year 5 Huli- Ms Lizzie McLaughlin
  Wiradjuri - Ms Emma Dunn
Year 5/6 Ojibwe- Ms Emma Milne
Year 6 Navajo - Mr Robert Caggegi
                Maori- Miss Tara Bryant        

To submit a suggestion to the P&C please click here .  To have your submission reviewed please ensure it is submitted 7 days before the P&C meeting.

At Rozelle we acknowledge the Gadigal people who are the traditional custodians of this land.

We also pay respect to the elders both past and present of the Eora Nation and extend that respect to other Aboriginals present.